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Phone: 480-335-6456

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1061

Port Orford, OR 97465


What is Reiki and Energy Balancing Work?  


It simply is the moving of higher vibrational energy through blocked or congested (low vibration) areas in our bodies.  Reiki is a healing art that originated in Japan and was brought to the US in the 1930s.  It works by channeling energy into the body’s energy systems to induce relaxation and balance. Where there is injury or pain whether it be emotional or physical we are out of balance, energy sessions can assist your body and emotions to find balance. As one who is trained in energy work, I become the conduit to channel this energy to you. 
What happens during a session?  All sessions are completed fully clothed with only your shoes removed.  Sessions can be done with light non-pressure touch or completely hands-off.  It is much like a spa treatment with dim lights, soft music, and a massage table comfortably fitted for your complete relaxation.  Through meditation and spirit, I am guided in the best way to assist your body and emotions to find balance.  You are in complete control of your sessions and your mind-body chooses where and how the energy will be received. 


Is Reiki a religion and how does it work with my faith?  
Reiki is not a religion nor a divinity of any kind.  It is a healing art that has been taught and handed down from Master to Master on how to channel energy.  Much like an electrical cord from an outlet to turn on a light is how this energy flows through me to you.   Reiki and my Energy sessions can easily incorporate your personal faith beliefs and honor your experience. 


How does Reiki and Energy sessions work with animals? 
All beings have energy systems in their bodies and these systems can become congested or damaged the same as humans.  Through the same process, I am guided to how to assist the animal’s energy systems to find balance.   Most animals are deeply relaxed by the session and fall asleep, others who are more traumatized emotionally benefit from a shorter more frequent session as they have more to process. 

What is a healing recalibration?  


When energy blockages are released our bodies need to rid themselves of the toxins and emotions that were released, recalibration is the process of elimination of this energy from our bodies.  It usually lasts 24-36 hours of feeling these emotions leaving or sometimes aches and pains much like one experiences after a massage.  Drinking plenty of water, Epsom salt baths or shower scrubs, nutritious food and extra rest assist your body to rid itself of these energies and integrate the new higher vibrational energy we introduced through the session. 

How many sessions will I need to feel better? 
You and your body are the experts about what is best for you.  I’ve had clients who only needed one session and others who book on a revolving basis as a maintenance plan.  I do offer discounts for package sessions and do a free 15-minute consultation via phone or email should you have any questions. 


Can you teach me how to do Reiki?  
Yes!  Please contact me and we can discuss the details. 

What are your credentials? 
I am a Usui Reiki Master with over 6-years  experience.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies and Gerontology with 26 hours of Graduate work in Counseling.  I have countless hours of continued education in the field of metaphysics, subtle energy and shamanism. I am passionate about holistic care and when faced with my own health crisis, I chose holistic methods for healing in my own life.  

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