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The Vision

I am firm believer in it's never too late, this holds true for my life vision. After my divorce and well really long before that, life was scary and felt dim. My married life had been all about trying to survive and make someone else happy; my happiness and fulfillment were distant blips on the radar. My first thought when I decided to leave my 17 year old marriage: "how am I going to support me and my daughter?" I knew I couldn't return to Social Work and still have energy left over to be a good Mom because my own recovery from an unhealthy marriage was already leaving me exhausted. I thought about teaching elementary school, I couldn't do the math, so that career idea was squashed quickly. And yes, laugh, because it is funny. I took a class at local Community College on re-inventing oneself later in life. My professor was an incredible mentor. She took me under her wing and helped me to see that I was a natural born counselor. I began the journey of enrolling in Grad School.

While in Grad School, I began to study under a horse gentler to learn horse psychology and the dream for my healing sanctuary was born. I've had some challenges and still have a ways to go to get there. As inspiration, I wrote down what a marketing brochure would look like to hold space for this dream to turn into a vision. Please enjoy the vision of my healing sanctuary:

Enchanted Honey Bee Sanctuary-where your life blossoms

Honey Bees are a sacred part of the dance of life, pollinating flowers, trees and grasses that fill our lives with abundance, joy and nourishment. I founded Enchanted Honey bee sanctuary to create such a place for people and animals. A place to reconnect with the sacred gifts of this, joy, wonder, expansion and simple childhood pleasures. It is my sincere hope when you enter the property you feel the excitement of rebirth all around you. Life is an act of expansion and it is my passion to provide a place for you to bloom. Enchanted honey bee sanctuary is a place filled with opportunities to restore, rejuvenate and revive the weary. Whether it be a stroll through the beautiful gardens, dining at our creekside café or participating in one of our many events, I trust you will find a spark in your spirit that ignites a new zest for life.

We all say it, I need to slow down, unplug and rejuvenate and each day goes by that we fail to make this happen as the busyness of life screams for our attention. We long for a vacation but its months, years or completely out of sight. Wish you could get away for a few hours, carve out some time just for you and those you love? Enchanted honey bee sanctuary is just the place. Its the perfect place to come and find rest for your spirit and body.

Enchanted Honey Bee Sanctuary is located on 10 acres within an easy drive from the hustle and bustle. The grounds were designed to bring opportunities to reconnect you with simpler times. Time to just enjoy, to breathe, to relax and rediscover you. Once you leave the parking area, you wind down the arch lined pathway along the creek fully immersed in the sights, smells and sounds of enchantment. Opportunities await you around every turn to discover that peaceful place you have been missing for so long in your life.

The butterfly gardens are an ideal place to meditate, create, rest and restore. Filled with light dappling through the trees you'll discover a variety of flowers, butterflies and insects to guide you into creating your life re-awakened. You might even be in the company of a fairy returning to their secret cove.

Along the creek is the place for contemplation. Let the flow of the water restore and wash away the worries and sorrow of the days. Listen to it sing you the song of restoration, guiding you to call forth the joys of childhood, to restore what has been lost and wash you with love and compassion. Perhaps you will discover a bird who carries a special message for you or find a crystal with a special meaning in the pool of hopes. Everything has a purpose at the Enchanted Honey Bee Sanctuary and we are happy to assist you in discovering the special message meant just for you.

Enjoy lunch or breakfast at our café. We offer a variety of light, refreshing foods to tantalize your taste buds and fuel your body for your day's adventures. We also offer a variety of snacks to take with you and will be happy to pack you a picnic lunch. We take the sanctity of our grounds to heart and ask that you tread lightly, pick up after yourself, replace what was moved and do not feed the animals your food. We have special food available in the healing center for the birds, butterflies and animals. Much of our food is grown in our garden and is chosen for its humane and healthy qualities.

Visit with our animals. The animals at the sanctuary have come here from their own stories of abuse, abandonment or volunteered to be here as guides and healers. Let their stories remind you of the redemptive powers this life holds and give you hope for the opportunities in yours. Let the connection of a soft muzzle remind you that you are not alone, you are loved and supported

Inside the healing center you will find a variety of books, tokens and pieces to keep your inspiration growing. We offer a variety of classes and services at the healing center. Sign up for an art journaling/life coaching experience, a relaxing Reiki session, massage or acupuncture. Each month brings new surprises to our calendar. We also offer exclusive experiences tailored to restoring your spirit. All services are provided by licensed or certified practitioners as applicable by state laws.

Animal experiences include the caring, grooming and interacting one on one with our animals.

Creek side coaching includes a personal guided mediation and coaching session to discuss your discoveries.

Butterfly gardens offers an evening with the fairies where the garden lights up and you can enjoy a picnic under the stars both family and couples experiences available. The butterfly gardens also offers many art experiences and personal discovery classes.

Transition evenings are a special evening designed to honor, grieve and release the past and to celebrate the sacred gift of life. Come and be filled with the love and support of the enchanted honey bee sanctuary for the next part of your journey. These ceremonies are a wonderful healing experience that can be designed as someone passes from this life to the next, a personal transition, cancer recovery and are a wonderful time to connect with others in a meaningful moment.

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