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The ReVolution Tour is a celebration of my book the "Revolution of my Evolution".  Against the trials of loss, abuse and disease I have fought to embrace all I am.  Through the love of nature, I found healing and discovered my own essence awakened.  Follow us as we travel across the U.S. "goin where our heart will take us" in search of our home and the place I plan to create my healing sanctuary. 


Why the Revolution Tour?  Because it has felt like a revolution to break free from dysfunctional patterns in my life. From the time I was very young, I cared deeply about the hurting, I dreamed of living in a world where my sensitive nature would thrive.  I lived in a home where my sensitive nature was shunned, I saw animals hurt, and felt the sting of emotional and physical abuse.  I contemplated suicide in my late teens and felt I had nothing to offer this world.  I felt there was something so wrong with me that I was unlovable.  These ideas I learned about myself led me straight into the arms of another abuser.  He berated me if I got "better" then he could love me.  So I began my healing journey.  Over 10 years of counseling, I discovered many things: abusers don't like anyone else's story but their own, they want to control you.  Their love is conditional.  One of the biggest lessons I learned is the abuser is not the expert on my worth.  As I began to heal, I fought to get out of my marriage which sent me back further into my childhood. As I journeyed back to release the parts of myself from the past,  I found a new passion: the art of healing through nature, animals, alternative medicine and energy work.  I began life coaching and helping others return to their heart.  I was fortunate enough to be taught by my "students" and the flame was fanned to write my story.  At the heart of it all is my truth.  I wanted to stop surviving and start thriving.  I knew the desert wasn't my "home" and staying would keep  me trapped in the feeling of surviving. I thrive in green.  So I began to plot this idea of traveling to find my version of home, a place to create my healing sanctuary.   It took over 2 years of planning and worrying to finally launch. As my friend said...."it's time to die or fly!"  It was time to rise above the circumstances and launch the Revolution Tour.  It is a REVOLUTION, it's my battle cry for LIFE! You can follow us on Facebook:  The Revolution Tour , Instagram:therevtour and our YouTube Channel
  I hope you honk and wave if you see us on the road or even better stop for a visit.   I'd love to share the journey with you. 



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