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Singles in Sedona

Feb 16th, 11am-4pm

Available for phone and in-person energy sessions, readings,  coaching, and speaking.

Located in Beautiful Port Orford, Oregon


Reiki Master, Intuitive healing facilitator, BS in Family Studies and Gerontology, Graduate Studies in Counseling.  Member of Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association & International Reiki Association

What is Reiki and Energy Balancing Work? (pronounced Ray-Key) 

It simply is the moving of higher vibrational energy through blocked or congested (low vibration) areas in our bodies.  Reiki is a healing art that originated in Japan and was brought to the US in the 1930s.  It works by channeling energy into the body’s energy systems to induce relaxation and balance.


Where there is injury or pain whether it be emotional or physical we are out of balance, energy sessions can assist your body and emotions to find balance. As one who is trained in energy work, I become the conduit to channel this energy to you. 


  Stress, environmental conditions, life changes, misaligned beliefs etc. can disrupt our energy flow causing fatigue, anxiety, depression, and disease.  Energy sessions assist our body to relax to find a balance to promote healing and well being.  Treatments can create a sense of calm, rest and vitality.   


Sessions can be easily done over the phone as energy is not constricted by proximity.  In-person sessions  are completed while  you are fully clothed with only your shoes removed.  Sessions can be done with light non-pressure touch or completely hands-off.  It is much like a spa treatment with dim lights, soft music, and a massage table comfortably fitted for your complete relaxation.  Through meditation and spirit, I am guided in the best way to assist your body and emotions to find balance. 


You are in complete control of your sessions and your mind-body chooses where and how the energy will be received.  My sessions are not a substitute for professional counseling or medical care. Energy work is beneficial to people of all ages and animals. 


Restoration and Retrieval Sessions (Inner Child and Trauma)

Through guided meditation and energy assistance you can access wounded parts from your past and allow healing by releasing the thought patterns and energetic beliefs attached to those memories.  

Compassionate Connection

Open the pathways to harmony, healing, and emotional understanding through guided meditation, coaching, and communication.  Designed especially for couples who are wanting to restore, repair or deepen their relationship.

Animal Sessions

I have spent over 6 years involved in animal rescue and worked on both the physical and emotional aspects of healing in animals.  These sessions are also beneficial during the animal's transition from body to spirit.  Consultations are required as the animal decides if it is open to treatment. 

Chakra Alignment and Balancing

Bring harmony to your energy systems through energetic support and recalibration.

Emotional Energy support: 

Are you tired of circling through the pain and lessons of this life?  How would it feel to release the energetic beliefs that are at the root of your pain?  As an Intuitive healing facilitator, I have the ability to assist you to connect with your pain at a soul level, we can work together to create alignment with your highest self.   I have a special heart for victims of trauma and abuse.  Through my own recovery, I have an in-depth understanding of PTSD, limiting beliefs, dysfunctional family dynamics, anxiety, and depression. 

  I'd be honored to help you rediscover your true essence.  Coaching is not a substitute for professional counseling or medical care.  If you are in crisis, call 911 or your provider

Questions or to Schedule  

 Melissa for a free consultation
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