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  I have had the privilege of training and education in many areas of healing.  I have received Usui Reiki training at the Master Level, have a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies and Gerontology and over 26 hours of  Graduate studies in counseling.  I personally practice through meditation, Reiki, crystals, totems, acupuncture, applied Kinesiology,  yoga, and sound therapy.  My education and awareness are in a constant state of evolution. 


When I began my own journey of awakening I benefited from gifted helpers in holistic and alternative therapies.  Each gift from these people helped me remember and awaken to my true Essence. It was this journey that formed my passion to create Essence Awakened.


What I've discovered is within each of us lay our destiny, our truth,  and our freedom longing to awake from the bonds that keep us from living our best.    You are not alone, I believe it's time to Awaken to your Essence!


With Gratitude, 

Melissa Birkle




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