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When it's time to go back to move Forward

When it's time to go back to move forward

Going back to go forward, Part 1

“Out of the frying pan and into the fire”, we’ve all done it! Jumped out of one thing to find us right into similar circumstances.

I believe we will continue to keep making these same leaps until we stop, listen and connect to the information being presented to us. When we are connected to the present we can begin to untangle how the past shows up in our present moments that keep us jumping from one similar circumstance to another.

In order to become our truest brightest best version of ourselves sometimes that means going back so we can create new patterns in the present that in turn create better outcomes for the future.

When we are young, due to circumstances or events, we can adopt a certain belief or way of thinking that served us in that moment. As we progress on our soul’s journey, those beliefs and thought patterns may no longer be serving us and can bog us down. I found myself repeatedly returning to similar situations and began to add new beliefs based on the outcome of new situations. The beliefs I was forming were forging even tighter chains to these childhood beliefs. I began to feel sorry for myself. I took on the role of a victim and felt like I was destined for bad things to happen to me. I couldn’t understand why until I started accepting that these circumstances may be showing up to help me, just like a road sign warns us of upcoming hazards and I need to pay attention.

When I began to embrace these situations as opportunities rather than a curse, things began to shift for me immediately. Energetically I was attracting the same type of situations because I believed that is was my lot in life, once I began to shift my thoughts, my energy also shifted. Life slowly began to move from the outcome to the input and each moment held value.

I began to approach these situations as clues to my freedom. Clues to guide me into a more expansive life. The circumstances and beliefs were calling to me, bringing me to awareness to something that I left behind and had to go back to reclaim. Something I needed or lost that was needed to stop the cycle and create something new. As with anything new, we take it in as we are ready and with each step something new is revealed. After the first step of believing they were opportunities I began to shift from the victim to a mindset of ownership and empowerment. Instead of feeling like things were happening to me, I began to explore the possibilities of why.

Let me also interject here the importance of self-compassion. These patterns and the beliefs are often hidden deep inside us formed at a season in our life where we didn’t have any outside reference. There is no shame or blame, we did the best we could in those moments. Subconsciously I believe we choose these patterns that support these beliefs because 1) they seem normal and 2) they are there to help guide us back to what we need to see to be free from the pattern once and for all. It takes tremendous courage to take a look at ourselves and beliefs, I celebrate your courage! So with a loving presence you can begin to ask the questions of what lesson might this circumstance hold for me? By taking these first steps into ownership of our lives it shifts the energy around us.

Our story starts to shift from woe to wonder.

Do you presently hold an awareness of repeated patterns? If not, you are probably reading this for a reason. It may be time to take inventory of the patterns in your life and allow the shift to occur from feeling like the victim to embracing this grand adventure of life. Is it time to set a course of discovery? Are you aware of patterns but are having difficulty unearthing the message? My next posts in this upcoming series will present some tools that may assist you to take your next step into empowerment.

I’m also available for coaching sessions to assist you on your journey.

With love,


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